Improve Your Photography Every Day
The Guided 365 is a 365 project combined with a proven & innovative way to learn photography.
You have a good camera. You have a beautiful family.
Why don't your photos look as good as you want them to?

Maybe it's time to try a different approach. 

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"I used to go from tutorial to tutorial trying to teach myself and understand everything without even knowing exactly what I  needed to learn.... Now I'm taking it one step at a time with you and enjoying shooting again.... Thank you, thank you for putting it together and teaching other moms what you know .... This course should come with every dSLR." - Katherine V.

"I always thought I had a pretty good understanding of how the exposure triangle worked; nope, I really didn't. Erin you are an incredible teacher and I am forever grateful I signed up for this #guided365."
Improve Your Photography The Right Way.
One day at a time.

You can pick up your  camera and take amazing photos without feeling anxious, confused or unsure about settings.

Imagine yourself becoming the photographer you know you can be. Imagine yourself taking photos as beautiful as the moments and people they capture. Imagine the compliments you'll hear when you share those photos.

This 365 project is your roadmap to camera confidence.

You're nearly there.

Each day, you'll receive a 10 minute lesson that teaches you a photography technique and gives you a photo prompt designed to put that technique into practice. Share on Instagram using hashtag #guided365 to be part of the community.
Busy moms and grandmas. Beginner to intermediate photographers who want to improve their technical & creative skills. Supplemental prompts for more advanced photographers during the first few weeks.
Other 365 projects tell you to take a picture of something blue. The Guided365 teaches you how to get the sharpest, best-exposed color-balanced photo of something blue. The photo prompts are designed to be flexible: no kids, perfect houses or exotic vacations required!
Start January 1, 2017. Prompts and lessons will arrive once a day.
Monthly fee will be available when registration opens.
" I took a 3 session class from a Washington Post reporter a few years ago that was so helpful but went from automatic straight to manual without these in between steps, so I didn’t learn some of the nuances that I’m learning from you. I have been shooting in manual since then but this is helping me learn so much more of what I’m doing, and I’m learning buttons on my camera that I didn’t know were there. Thanks!" - Jess C
"Erin,I not only can’t believe how much I’m learning about photography, but how much I’m learning about how to use my camera! Awesome." - Amy D
" I’ve taken other online photography courses and have never gotten this much understanding. I’m shocked how easy you’ve made it and with such short instructions that don’t take an hour to read! So excited to keep learning. Again, just can’t believe how much I’ve learned already! Thank you!!." - Rebecca B
Course Requirements
* A camera that shoots in manual mode
* Camera user guide or manual
* Free public Instagram account (if you'd like to share your work with other participants)
* A stopwatch or kitchen timer
* A commitment to take photos daily (or nearly daily)
Flexible suggestions that work for everyone.
Easy to understand lessons: learn photography incrementally. Shoot on Manual (and understand it!) within 30 days!
Answers to all the questions you can ask about lessons.
First Steps
* Set Your Camera For Maximum Photo Quality
* Push the Limits of Auto Mode
* Multiple Approaches to Setting Focus
* Shoot in Aperture Priority Mode
* Shoot in Shutter Priority Mode
* Shoot in Manual Mode within 6 weeks!
* Use aperture creatively
* Use shutter speed creatively
* Adjust settings quickly
* Choose the proper metering mode
* Freeze motion
* Create background blur
* Expose for skintones
* How to tell your camera what to focus on.
* The difference between single focus & AI Servo.
* How to get good focus on your subject even while blurring the background.
* When to use BBF
* The sweet spot for your lens

* Learn how choosing one lens over another changes the quality of your photo.
* Choose the best lens for your needs
* Use focal length to bring your creative vision to life
* How to avoid or create distortion with your lens.
* Make light work for you, not against you.
* Shoot in full, side and backlit settings
* Modify the light for to suit your photo
* Identify the best light to shoot in
* Compose for artistic appeal
* Be comfortable with classic compositions
* Know when to break classic rules
* Incorporate leading lines, framing, etc.
* Communicate for effective posing
* Create flattering poses
* Pose to emphasize relationships
* Sample pose lists
* Strategies for large groups
* Define your personal style
* Create starburst effect with lights
* Use lens overlays 
* Incorporate reflections
* Recreate inspiration photos
These are just a few of the techniques you'll master next year. 
 Each skill is presented in small, easy to follow lessons. Build on what you learned in prior lessons for an easy progression from beginner to accomplished photographer.
My goal is to help you become a confident & creative photographer.
I'm a professional photographer and long-time teacher of photography and photo editing. My website, Digital Photography for Moms, is one of the oldest and most well-regarded sources of photography and photo editing tutorials on the internet. I design my lessons to maximize student success and enjoyment.

I'm also a Crafsty instructor and was featured as a Huffington Post top mom photography blog. Come say hello, and check out my free tutorials and 4-week photo editing workshops over at Digital Photography for Moms.
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